Landscape Materials

Troy Sand and Gravel Inc. is a producer of environmentally friendly green topsoil, compost, and mulch. We work with local municipalities to eliminate the need for these communities to send yard waste to landfills. We have collection points where we process the yard waste into useable clean compost and mulch.

We use the compost generated from the recycled yard waste and blend it with clean drainable sand from local construction sites. We test our topsoil using Cornell Co-operative guideline to assure proper organic, PH and drainage. Our topsoil has been used on many of our areas athletic field as well as many residential and commercial sites with great success.

We also sell our compost for vegetable, flower gardens and lawns that may need additional organics to grow the green grass those most envied neighbors possess!  Our mulches are organic brown mulch with no dyes or chemical treatment. Our mulch comes in finely or coarsely ground options.

So, if you’re looking for topsoil, compost & mulch that’s not only effective, but also environmentally friendly, then give us a call, or contact us today!

Century Aquisition 1/2" White Stone
Century Aquisition 3/4" White Stone
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Century Aquisition White Sand
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West Sand Lake Top Soil
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