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Proud to be a Green Conscious Company! We use, reuse and recycle whenever possible!

Troy Sand and Gravel produces all natural, Ph balanced mulch to serve the Capital Region’s towns, schools, municipalities, businesses and homes. Their formula is tested with Cornell’s Cooperative Extension for the acceptable Ph balance range for gardens, lawns and flower beds. We can deliver to your home or business from Saratoga Springs NY to Albany NY and anywhere in between. We do ask that you meet a 12 yard minimum for delivery. You may also pick up mulch with your own truck at our facility in West Sand Lake NY.

Mulch is No Dying Matter!

We do not use dyes in our all natural mulch! Other manufacturers use dyes to make the mulch darker or more colorful. The problem is that these dyes are harmful to humans, animals and plant life. This means the dye can leech out into your plant’s and vegetable’s soil and penetrate their roots. In turn you will be ingesting these dyes that are toxic! We urge you to use all natural non-dyed mulch for the safety and well being of your family and pets.

What are the Benefits of Using Mulch?

Moisture absorption and retention– Living in the Albany NY region can be challenging because our weather patterns fluctuate to frequently. Mulch helps keep flower and vegetable beds moist during droughts and helps dry up moisture after rain. It’s the most natural way to maintain soil equilibrium.

Surface Insulation– The Capital region is also known for heat waves in those hot July and August months. Mulch is the best defense against scorching roots and drying up soil. Conversely in the frosty fall months, mulch will insulate roots to extend the beauty of flowers and plants throughout the late fall.

Reduced Soil Erosion– Many locations like Saratoga Springs NY, Troy NY and Ballston Spa NY struggle with soil erosion due to buildings being located near lakes and rivers. Soil erosion occurs when water droplets from rain penetrate the soil too quickly and cause it to break apart at a rapid speed. Mulch helps protect soil from eroding during rain storms because it provides a protective layer above the soil. However, it naturally allows water to penetrate the soil at a slower rate which prevents erosion.

Soil Enrichment– Soil contains a finite amount of nutrients. When gardens and flower beds are used year after year they begin to become depleted of essential nutrients. Mulch contains high density nutrients and trace minerals to help your flowers and plants thrive.

Weed Prevention and Control– Mulch is nature’s weed whacker. Garden and Flower beds with mulch in between rows of vegetables and around plants are weed free areas. Weeds cannot grow without sunlight and the mulch keeps them from proliferating. You can save time and stop weeding and start mulching your way to a perfectly manicured gardens and flower beds.

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