Corporate Social Responsibility

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Troy Sand, its officers, and its employees, have strong ties to the communities in which it does business. Troy Sand regularly supports local charities, schools, churches, sports and theatre organizations, libraries, and emergency services organizations.

We Support Schools and Education

From its inception and continuing to the present, Troy Sand has donated materials, labor and money to construct playgrounds and outdoor classroom facilities at each of the following schools:

  • Algonquin Middle School
  • Bell Top Elementary School
  • George Washington School
  • Green Meadow Elementary School
  • Jubilee Child Day Care Center
  • Miller Hill-Sand Lake School
  • Robert C. Parker School
  • School #16—Troy
  • The Enlarged City School District of Troy
  • The Montessori School of Albany
  • West Sand Lake Elementary School
  • Woodland Hill Montessori School

Troy Sand gives generously to area school fundraisers and benefits to ensure that kids in our community have the best resources for learning. Donations from Troy Sand have been used to fund NASA Space Camp, purchase book covers, help to build an amphitheatre, and to establish community gardens where children can enjoy hands on experiences with nature. A few of the recipients of Troy Sand donations include:

  • Algonquin Middle School
  • Catholic Central High School
  • School #16—Troy
  • St. Augustine School
  • West Sand Lake Elementary School

In our continuous effort to support higher education, especially in math, science and engineering, Troy Sand has continuously sponsored an annual scholarship to graduating seniors from the Averill Park Central School District.

We Support Emergency Services

In acknowledgement of the sacrifice our volunteer services make in our community, Troy Sand is proud to donate materials, money and services to these emergency service organizations:

  • Averill Park—Sand Lake Fire Dept.
  • Berlin Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Hoags Corners Fire Dept.
  • North Greenbush Ambulance Association
  • Rensselaer County Sheriff (money donated for purchase of K-9 patrol dogs)
  • Sand Lake Ambulance
  • Taborton Volunteer Fire Company
  • West Sand Lake Fire District No. 1
  • West Sand Lake Volunteer Fire Company

We Support Area Churches and Cemeteries

In addition to the private efforts of its officers, employees, and shareholders, Troy Sand takes pride in having given support from the corporation to the following churches and cemeteries with gifts of money, time and materials:

  • Elmwood Cemetery Association
  • First Reformed Church
  • Grafton Baptist Church
  • Hope United Methodist Church
  • Sand Lake Union Cemetery Association
  • Spirit and Life Fellowship Church
  • St. Mary’s Church

We Support Community Organizations

Troy Sand believes that true communities are composed of dedicated individuals and committed corporate citizens. Troy Sand is proud to honor an ongoing commitment of funding and donations to the following organizations in our local communities.

  • Averill Park Education Foundation
  • Kiwanis Club of Sand Lake, New York, Inc
  • Sand Lake Center for the Arts
  • Twin Town Little League

Troy Sand is always willing to support local libraries with materials and monetary donations for the purchase of books and computer services. Over the years, Troy Sand has funded, donated or offered materials to the following local libraries:

  • Nassau Free Library
  • Sand Lake Town Library

In addition to its regular donations to local organizations, Troy Sand has also provided materials and funds to other local organizations for particular projects, including:

  • ARC Brunswick Center Sensory Garden
  • Averill Park Booster Club
  • Averill Park Wrestling Club
  • Burden Lake Improvement Association
  • Camp Scully
  • Capital District Road Runners Club, Inc.
  • Classie Lassie Girl’s Softball League
  • Clothe-A-Child
  • JC Little League
  • The Junior Museum
  • Kids’ Place
  • Lansingburgh Royals Baseball Organization
  • Our Favorite Place
  • Trout Unlimited

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Impact Statement – Mining is an important industry that is essential in providing the building materials used in our homes and businesses and our transportation and utility infrastructure. The key to ensuring competitive access to such building materials is limiting the distance that materials need to be transported. Limited access to competitively priced building materials results in spill over community impacts like limited access to affordable housing and higher taxes required to maintain the transportation infrastructure. We strive to operate our mines in close proximity to the customers requiring our products. In order to do that successfully, we are vigilant in ensuring that we mitigate the impact of mining on those who work and live in close proximity to our mines. WE coordinate closely with our communities, local and state governments to assure that we are operating our mines in accordance with governmental rules, regulations and industrial best practices. As a green conscious company we utilize recycled products such as fly ash from coal burning plants and slag from steel mills that would otherwise be placed in landfills.  We use ASTM standards for recycling waste concrete and left-over fresh concrete. We recycle asphalt to reduce the consumption of oil and mining aggregate in an effort to mitigate the carbon intensity of our asphalt products.

Mission – To respect the unique and fragile biodiversity of every ecosystem by minimizing the impact when mining and extracting natural resources.

Vision – To responsibly mine and re-purpose the land to promote biodiversity to benefit future generations of plant and animal life.

Values – To reuse and recycle aggregate-derived building materials and construction site natural earthen materials wherever possible in an effort to reduce resource extractions from our mines and to further avoid the unnecessary landfilling of such materials.