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Your Trusted Asphalt Supplier in the Capital Region and Beyond

The product is a mixture of hot asphalt oil, sand and stone. We produce many types of mixtures for many different uses. We supply our products to a variety of commercial, municipal and residential customers locally and regionally.

We supply a green product and use recycled materials whenever possible.

We collect used asphalt pavement from municipalities, commercial, and residential projects. We then process these materials into useable aggregates and therefore conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling. The recycled aggregates are then blended back into our finished products on a daily basis.

We also produce specialty environmentally friendly products such as pervious blacktop. Pervious blacktop prevents runoff water from leaving parking lots and allows the water the ability to re-enter the ground instead of running off into local streams and bodies of water. Additionally, this product helps to protect local aquatic life from runoff pollutants.

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